Thursday, 8 May 2014

Whether you are battling morning sickness, exhausted or feeling increasingly weighed down by carrying your growing baby around with you, commuting to work on busy trains and tubes can be a real challenge for any pregnant woman. Your body is working over-time to give you and your baby all you both need and you are trying to live a normal life working in the city.  A sit down whilst travelling is often necessary and not a luxury.

Trying to get seat is a bit of a social minefield on trains where everyone is either plugged into their devices, sleeping or just looking plain unapproachable. It can be rather intimidating when you glance around the carriage and realise there is no seat available- a situation becoming increasingly common as our trains are getting more and more packed.

I picked up my Baby on Board badge quite early on in my pregnancy and it was a life saver. It meant that the few kind souls out there who are willing to give up their seat (and there are quite a few!) were able to spot me across the carriage and offer me their seats. It also meant that when I asked people directly (sometimes you just have to do this and the priority seats are the best place) they could see straight away why I was asking and were usually happy to oblige.

For me, it got easier as I became increasingly pregnant and walked bump first onto the train (although this hasn't been the case for some)  but certainly in the early days the badge and a smile were absolutely necessary to get that well needed seat. And as one lady put it ‘we’d rather have you sitting down than fainting’.

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