Thursday, 8 May 2014

Meet Ebay, my new best friend

Up until recently I have had very little luck with shopping on Ebay and after a stint of ordering items for my wedding that well 'weren’t quite right', I promised my family and friends I would stay well away…

However, since having baby Abigail and finding out about all of the stuff a tiny little human comes with, Ebay has become my new best friend. It’s been fantastic for second-hand baby-grows, a barely used buggy, a crib… the list goes on. The app on the phone has allowed me to bid at all hours of the day-a little bit dangerous when feeding in the middle of the night and trying to keep awake- and I’ve been surprised to find some lovely current season outfits on there for a lower price.

It’s incredibly easy to go baby shopping mad (my weakness has been baby girl clothes) and spend lots of money on buying items brand new that will soon no longer be needed (we are already moving up a size in clothing (!)). So I would definitely recommend a bit of bargain hunting, that way you can save a few pounds and maybe treat yourself to something as well!

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