Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A thrifty local find: The Little Clothes Shop, Croydon

I do love a bargain and having a baby has really brought that side out of me (as you may have already picked up on reading this blog...). I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a lovely second-hand children's clothes shop on a local walk recently. My husband and I ventured in to have a glance and well... you can guess what happened... ten minutes later we came out with a bag full ..

The Little Clothes Shop  sells second- hand clothes from children from 0-5 years. What makes this shop such a great find is that the clothes have hardly been worn and are in really good condition (some items are in fact brand new with original tags) and you can buy them for really reasonable prices (we spent around £20 and picked up six items). The shop has a boutique feel about it and the staff are really helpful.

A fab pair of Zara shoes for just £3!

In a town like Croydon where our high street is full of chain shops it's so refreshing to find an independent shop like this which is aimed at parents. 

This will definitely be a regular stop on my afternoon walks now. The weekly-updated window displays will no doubt catch my eye across the road and invite me in...

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