Friday, 9 May 2014

Swapping High Street for Nearly New

Nearly new sales are essentially second hand sales where you can pick up a lot of the items from your list for your little one. From what I've seen everything on sale is in pretty good condition and items range from used to brand new. I confess I have never been one for second hand car boot sales or vintage shopping but after assessing the cost of kitting out our new addition, and realising mummy will need some spending money for herself too, we popped along to give it a try. Now, three sales later I am hooked and am marking out the next one on in my calendar. These sales are a great way to pick up products like clothes, shoes, books, toys and other accessories and pay just a fraction of the high street price. I've always loved a bargain and was particularly thrilled when I picked up a pair of baby UGG boots that have never been worn for just £10! On our first trip we spent just £20 and came away with enough baby towels, baby grows and muslin cloths to set our little one up for her first couple of weeks. Sorted.

I'm not promising that all sales have amazing bargains and there is an element of hit and miss on some stalls but here are a few tips on how to bag yourself a bargain:

1. Arrive early- turn up at the beginning of the sale rather than at the end. be one of the first to look around rather than looking at what's left at the end.
2. Go with an open mind- forget lists just go and have a look. You can't guess what will be there and having a list of specific items that you can't find will make you frustrated.
3. Get chatting- say hello to the people selling. It's a great way to socialise and get tips from people who have recently been where you are. Plus they may be able to direct you to something on their stall you haven't spotted!
4. Set a budget- it can be easy to go a bit crazy if you find lots of bargains. your little one will only wear so many clothes so try and limit how many items you buy. Remember you will want some new clothes too at some point!
5. Go with your partner or friends/family- it's always good to get someone else's perspective on what's value for money (and what's not!) and its a nice way to bond over the new addition to the family. They will also be able to remind you what you already have at home!

Check your local NCT website for details of sales near you.

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