Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

So we've embraced Halloween and gone for a cat outfit! At seven and a half months old, A hasn't protested but I wonder what she'll be saying in years to come...

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sleep training

I am currently writing this with Masterchef Australia on in the background (a programme I am slightly addicted to), OH on the sofa and our darling daughter lying on the floor (on a pillow) making strange purring noises. She won't go to sleep. We've completed our night time ritual:  bath - change (in a dimly lit room) - milk - burp- put down. Then the crying began so after leaving her to settle herself for a few minutes we caved and gave her more milk. No luck. We think she's teething, the red cheeks and jagged gums would certainly suggest this,  but the small dose of Calpol and application of Bonjela has not sent her to sleep. She's fairly chipper mind you, happy to be her with mummy and daddy babbling away. So I can't complain really. I just have the nagging super-nanny voice in my head saying I should be sleep training and we should be upstairs in a quiet dark room gently rocking her to sleep. That the TV is over-stimulating and we are creating bad habits. But the reality is... I don't have it in me to battle tonight.  I'm tired, it's the end of the day and I just want to chill out. I want to have the energy to write a blog post (something sadly I haven't had the time or energy for recently), I want to know who wins the immunity pin and I want to enjoy these moments with my little one; when she's giggling and happy and grinning at me. 

You never know she may fall asleep on her own... or Masterchef Australia may just become her new favourite programme!