Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's time to get moving

2015 has started off as a fairly active year over here at The Changing Bag. We are about to move house and our little girl started crawling during the festive period (after weeks of trying to persuade her to crawl using a wide range of toys and remote controls it was in fact a novelty dancing Christmas Tree that gave her the inspiration to move forwards). Other parents warned us about the 'fun' that we would have in store when A started crawling but, much like the rest of parenting advice, I didn't fully comprehend what they actually meant. Here are few ways in which life has changed with our mobile baby:

1. We have had to find new homes for our shoes.
2. Toys now fill the spaces where our shoes were.
3. The coffee table now has to stay clear because that glass of water will end up on the floor.
4. After four years of living in our home, we are finally using the kitchen door.
5. Hoovering must be done everyday or she will find those crumbs.
6. If the DVDs aren't spread across the floor they are in the wrong place. We are reminded of this every morning.
7. The stairs make excellent drums.
8. A doorstop I didn't even realise we had is the most fascinating of objects... move over Elmo.
9. Plugs and wires must be hidden. Charge your devices after 7pm.
10. That spot wedged between the table and the sofa is the perfect place to hide.

So in amongst organising a move, sorting through our belongings and starting to pack we are also trying to keep up with our daughter who keeps taking off with anything that she thinks she can't have. It's time to rally the babysitters I think. Here's hoping the next month will go smoothly and we can settle in before it's time for walking.

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And then the fun began...


  1. Exactly. The floor is an excellent place to store EVERYTHING. I must be a baby trapped in an adult's body, because I still think this ;)

  2. Oh wow this takes me back!! You long for these milestones of crawling and walking and then when they come it's a bit of a shock to suddenly need eyes in the back of your head! I look back kind of fondly to the days when I could just prop my son up in a little cosy nest of cushions and watch him discover all the little rattles and baby toys within reach! Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout hon Xx

  3. Ahh, this is taking me back. At first we fought it, tried to clean, kept the shoes out of reach... But now, they just eat the crumbs, they scatter the shoes (after trying them on) and play bonkers games on the stairs. I'm probably revealing how much of a rubbish mother I am here, but the short story is, all of the baby proofing got too much, and they figured out how to get around it all! Good luck though. Magical times ahead for you :-) xx